This is a personal diary that is meant to be shared

This unique movement is all about letting people know they are not alone in this fight. In the spirit of compassion that the Pink Glove Dance spreads across the globe, we invite you to share your triumphs, challenges and cheers here in the Pink Glove Diaries. 

Stories of Survival, Hope & Remembrance

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Kate Crwford

Pittsburgh, PA

When I first found the mass in my breast one busy mom. I had a set of 4 year old twin girls and a special needs 2 year old at home. We ran between pre-school for the twins and therapies for my son. I didn’t have time to be bothered. As the months went on I noticed changes in my breast and I had more aches and pains than a woman double my age. I finally fit in a doctor appointment in early January 2013 and I explained to the doctor about the mass, thinking it was a clogged milk duct. He was convinced of something far more serious. The next weeks seemed like a whirlwind as I was sent for an ultrasound, mammogram and then a biopsy.

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Maggie Tharp


My sister is a survivor and a champion. She not only survived a bilateral mastectomy, infected implants, and multiple surgeries, but she is now the guardian for two of her grandchildren and a real champion indeed!  She was staying in bed worried that the life she had to give the two sweet girls wasn't enough. She cried because she couldn't reach around to wipe her bottom, so I told her to get over it and wipe from the front!  She got out of bed and those little girls are her life, God works in his own incredible way!

Terri Patterson

New York

We lost our mother to   breast cancer in 1997. She was my hero by setting the of always being brave   and having a positive attitude in fighting this disease. She never gave up   even though her last 5 years of live were a very difficult battle. She faced   every problem head on. I'm proud to have been raised by this woman. We miss   her so much. I love you Mom!

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