Mom Take Care

Chalandri, Athens,

Mom Take Care is a special participant in this year's competition. They are not eligible to win the prize but still wanted to share their video. Plese watch their video and see their essay below.


Prevention remains the most significant part of medical progress while quality of life remains the most important part of cure.

The Pink Glove Dance event is an institution that promotes the most optimal features of the perennial struggle against breast cancer, to wit: the unwavering commitment of all of us towards health advancement and the celebration of life.

A certain woman that participated in one of the videos of the competition stressed, that after being diagnosed with breast cancer, was characterized as a survivor of breast cancer but she emphasized that her life cannot be described only in relation to that illness.

Every woman lives her life fully but in this case, the most important triumph of survival is another success in the life of a professional, of a companion, of a daughter, of a sister. It is an additional companion in the life of a mother, of the relation that highlights the female breast as a universal symbol of love, security and growth.

In the video that we submit within the framework of the Pink Glove Dance Event this symbolism plays a key role.

Children provide us with the inspiration to take better care of ourselves, to protect the life that we share with them as they need to look upon us as being healthy and strong. In the motto of "Mom take care" along with the stories of prevention and survival stands out conspicuously the story of love of our body, which is protected by the most fundamental relationships of our lives.